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Circles of gold
Pried from
Cold, dead fingers and
Weeping wives
Treasured memories
Long forgotten
Stolen away in wooden boxes
And desk drawers
Greedy fingers
Rustle through them
Pull them out and take a look
At all those people
Dead and gone
Forever lost to
All those husbands
Looking for their
Dearly departed 
That they won't find
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Rain on Me :iconmylifethroughthelens:MyLifeThroughTheLens 1,659 362 Tablet Portrait :iconlinesandgloss:LinesAndGloss 4 4 You Are Loved. :iconlinesandgloss:LinesAndGloss 9 8
A Girl Of Nothing But Greys
A girl of nothing but greys
Walks down a lonely road.
And all she sees 
Is a passing blur.
Her monochrome world
Is slowly collapsing.
And she still
Can't work up the nerve
To smile.
All her days
Where spent lonely.
All alone
In a 
Colorless daydream.
She can't stay
There forever.
But she'll try
Until her mind fades away.
What should she do?
There's nothing for her.
She can't see
Anything but grey.
There's no light
In this monochrome world 
Of hers.
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New iD :iconlinesandgloss:LinesAndGloss 4 0
Invisible (Short Story)
The first thing I remember was falling. I don’t recall how far I fell, all I know was that what I once thought were hours were really only seconds flying by. I guess its true what they say, that when you’re about to die, time seems to slow down.
Yes, I’m dead. I’m not one of those sappy romance novel ghosts begging to be saved by the main character either. I attempt to go unnoticed. I don’t throw things around to scare the living, my favorite thing to do isn’t slamming doors and windows shut while people in the room freak out, and I don’t like to make the living realize I’m standing right in front of them.
But the thing is, death is boring. At least it is for me. After I died, I just ended up here. Waiting between heaven and Earth, separated from the outside world by dividers, giant walls of unbreakable glass as far as the eye can see. I can see people in the real world through the walls of my enclosure, but they can
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Abstract Topsail :iconlinesandgloss:LinesAndGloss 2 2


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